The AFC-01 Legioss Armo-Fighters are one of the main transforming mecha of the Earth Liberation Forces in their fight against the Inbit, the other being the VR-05 MOSPEADA transforming motorcycles. They transform from aerospace fighters (Armo-Fighter mode) into humanoid robots (Armo-Soldier mode), with an intermediate mode which deploys the legs and arms but not the head (Armo-Diver mode), allowing them to hold weapons and land on hard terrain.


AFC-01D Dark LegiossEdit

A dark-blue variant used for stealth.

AFC-01H Eta LegiossEdit

A blue variant used by commanders.

AFC-01I Iota LegiossEdit

The mass-production variant, dark green.

AFC-01J Jagd LegiossEdit

An ummanned stealth variant.

AFC-01M Mujin LegiossEdit

The non-transforming prototype.

AFC-01Z Zeta LegiossEdit

Atmosphere use transformable fighter.

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